Sacrifice Flyte 115 Complete Stunt Scooter - Purple / Black

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The Sacrifice Flyte 115 Purple / Black Stunt Scooter has been made to be the lightest complete stunt scooter available off the shelf. It's risen to be one of the most popular scooters to buy in the sport.

The Flyte 115 series deck is 115mm (11.5cm) wide, which is where the name of the complete scooter derives from, and has been built with a variable thicknesses to make the most of strength and minimal weight. The scooter is focused on being all about weight with aluminium bars, a 2 bolt nutron clamp, and an IHC compression system all to minimise materials used.

The new Flyte 115 Scooter is the lightest complete scooter available in the market right now weighing in at just 2.8Kg's.

The flyte 115 Series has been designed specifically for those that demand the best, but require a lighter and/or a wider set-up. The flyte 115 series deck is 115mm wide hence the name, and has variable wall thickness extrusions to maximise strength while minimising weight. 

The flyte 115 series complete scooter incorporates their new IHC system with the Cyborg fork, oversized aluminium bars, and the Nutron 2-bolt collar clamp. It comes complete with slick new Delta-Core wheels, Hyper Bearings, Grippy-Grip, and the trusty S-Grips. 

  • Sacrifice Flyte 115 series deck
  • Sacrifice Cyborg forks
  • Sacrifice Nutron Clamp
  • Sacrifice Alloy Bars
Note: Handlebars design may vary.
  • New 110mm Delta-Core alloy wheels
  • Sacrifice Hyper bearings
  • Sacrifice Grippy Grip
  • Sacrifice S Grips 
  • IHC Compression
  • Bars spin 360 degrees