MGP Blitz Brake

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The day's of metal flex brakes are over and thanks to developments in technology, Madd Gear are able to produce a long lasting, hard wearing and lighter brake made of a composite material, which also means less noise!

Please Note: This following suitability information relates only to the factory specification of the scooters. We cannot guarantee the suitability of this brake if modifications have been made.

100mm compatibility:
  • MGP VX4 Pro Scooters
  • MGP VX5 Pro Scooters
  • MGP VX6 Pro Scooters
  • MGP VX7 Mini Pro Scooters
  • MGP VX7 Pro Scooters
110mm compatibility:
  • MGP VX4 Team Scooters
  • MGP VX4 Nitro Scooters
  • MGP VX4 Extreme Scooters
  • MGP VX5 Team Scooters
  • MGP VX6 Team Scooters
  • MGP VX7 Team Scooters
120mm compatibility:
  • MGP VX5 Nitro Scooters
  • MGP VX5 Extreme Scooters
  • MGP VX6 Nitro Scooters
  • MGP VX6 Extreme Scooters
  • MGP VX7 Nitro Scooters