Blunt Envy Reaper V3 Bars

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The Blunt Envy are one of the most popular and reliable Aluminum bars in the scooter scene. The V3 is the newest incarnation of the Reaper bar, using a higher density Aluminum to increase both the strength and lifespan of the bar!
Please note: Blunt Envy have now updated and fixed the previous issue with the Blunt Envy Reaper V3 Bars. All stock of this item Crucial Scooters now sells is the new, updated version.


  • Dimensions: 675mm H (26.5") x 580mm W (22.8")
  • New V3 Model
  • Compression: Suitable for IHC/Mini HIC, or ICS
  • Outer Diameter: 34.9mm (Requires an oversized clamp)
  • Weight: 930g (2lb)


  • High Density Aluminium