Sacrifice AK 115 Ice Mint / Black

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The AK ranges of complete scooters are made up of our premium parts. Catering for elite riders, the AK completes set a new standard in complete scooters helping push the boundaries of scootering.

The AK-115 complete is based around the AK-115 deck which is the undisputed king of the streets, but is also very handy around a park. The AK-115 complete uses our bullet proof SCS system with our Bionic Fork and Recon Clamp, the bar is our reinforced Chromoly Reo T-Bar and comes complete with the new forged Blender wheels, a fully sealed integrated headset, our trusty S-Grips and topped off with classic GT stripe graphics.

  • AK-115 SCS System
  • Bionic Fork
  • Recon Style Clamp
  • Reo T-Bar
  • Classic S-Grips

Scooter come pre-dialled, 95% built, all that's needed to do is put the bars on, tighten then clamp then you're off!