Blunt Prodigy S9 Bars

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Some of the lightest bars on the market weighing in at 900g, Perfect for experienced riders wanting a light-weight setup, around 30% lighter than standard Chromoly bars.


  • 620mm/24.4" High- 560mm/22" Wide
  • Inspired by the infamous Reaper V2 design
  • High Density Aluminium
  • Standard inner and oversized outer
  • Requires Oversized clamp
  • Slit for IHC Compression
  • 900Grams

*Please Note: Aluminium bars are designed for smooth and proficient riders with some experience All Aluminium Bars are covered by a 30 day manufacture warranty covering manufacture defects. It does not cover bends or cracking in the aluminium tubing caused by riding Landing heavy or incorrectly, throwing bars, or direct impacts can cause damage to the bars.