Blazer Pro Predator II Bars

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Blazer Pro have designed their new Predator II bar to be for some of the taller scooter riders. Coming in at 26.7 inches and cut for SCS compression these bars will suit even the tallest of riders. The Predator II bars are made from high strength 4130 Chromoly Steel to give maximum durability.

Specification, Compatibility & Technical Details:

  • Compatible Compression Types (see important note below): SCS
  • Bar Height: 680mm / 26.7 inches
  • Bar Width: 600mm / 24 inches
  • Material: Chromoly Steel
  • Outer Diameter: Oversized (34.9mm)
  • Inner Diameter: Oversized (32mm)
  • Slit Cut out: No
  • Weight: 1200 grams
  • Backsweep: No
  • Recommended Clamp Size: SCS


Important Note: Compatibility of your existing scooter with these bars cannot be guaranteed, but we can advise you below on how to make sure they are!


Make sure you’re aware what compression type you want or have on your existing scooter. For both HIC and IHC compression a slit is needed in the bottom of the bar to fit, these may come already done, or you can cut them yourself on purchase, see Youtube for how. 

For SCS Bars, there should be no slit, if the bars you’re looking to buy do have a slit, you’ll need to cut the ends off and remove the slit or have an SCS sleeve/bung fitted.