Aztek Fountain Deck - Dan Barrett Signature

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Aztek has worked together with Pro Riders, Dan Barrett and Logan Fuller and came out with signature decks for each of them. Dan's deck comes with "Redrum" accents and a gloss finish for a nice flashy look while Logan's comes with a raw "Baked" kind of look. Being designed in the USA, these decks have really changed the game concidering they are some of the best street decks on the market and weigh nearly 25% lighter than a lot of similar ones. Both feature amazing grinding surfaces, sweet dropouts for any one who loves doing 50's and 5-0's, and a headtube that is fully extruded and lightweight. These decks make riding better and better each day so if you are looking for a street deck with a perfect weight, this one's just for you!

  • 5" x 22" featuring "Redrum" accents and a glossy black finish.
  • 6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • 24" R concave